Executive coaching and leadership development

Executive coaching and leadership development is about improving an individual's capacity to focus, learn and innovate. It's an investment that provides the support to enable people to stretch themselves to achieve more, leading to improved effectiveness and increased job satisfaction.

Typical goals for our coaching clients include:

  • Leadership development - developing strategic thinking and vision, increased self awareness and emotional intelligence, enhanced confidence and work-life balance.
  • Transitional development - for individuals preparing to apply for promotion and development support for those critical early months in the new role.
  • Performance management - increasing performance and turning potential into capability.
  • Career development - formulating goals for the future and developing the strategies, skills, attitudes and behaviours to achieve them.

Tailored 'Coaching Skills for Managers' training packages can be offered as part of your organisations' commitment to leadership development.

At Fiona Sykes Associates, our experience with senior people in the private, public and voluntary sector means we are well placed to support your development enabling you to rise to the challenges of the business environment today and tomorrow.

'86% of organisations see coaching as the most effective and widely used talent management activity.'
CIPD Learning and Development Survey 2009

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